Natural Bath Gel for Luxuriant Natural Skin Care

Botanical Bath Gels with Grape Seed Oil Extract 

Natural bath gels made with grape seed oil extract and soothing botanical essences create both a cleansing and refreshing experience that you are sure to remember. Enjoy any of our bath gels and discover the calming effects of our blend of grape seed oil extracts and crisp natural scents such as Cabernet Sauvignon, passion fruit, rose, and lavender. Natural ingredients and hand crafted personal care products combine to bring you only the finest in botanical products from NV Organics.

Botanical Bath Gels That Stimulate Your Senses

NV Organics’ line of natural bath gels incorporates the finest natural ingredients and botanical essences and oils with the healing and restorative properties of all natural grape seed oils to deliver a sensory experience while helping you maintain healthy vibrant skin. Experience any of our bath gels like our Antioxidant Grape Seed Bath & Body Wash Lavender Rose Aloe and our Antioxidant Grape Seed Bath & Body Wash Passion Fruit Cabernet and see why NV Organics has become the premier provider of luxuriant natural bath and personal care products.

Inspired by the natural grape seed oils and botanicals that are found in all of our NV Organics personal care products, our line of bath and shower gels is sure to help you take better care of your skin while making bathing a pleasure and stimulating your senses.

Be rejuvenated with our complete line of natural bath products with grape seed oil extract and see the difference in your skin. Try any of our Grape Seed Body Scrubs or Grape Seed Body Butters in combination with our Grape Seed Bath Gels and treat your skin to the finest in natural essential oils and the healing and restorative properties of all natural grape seed oil extracts.

Natural Grape Seed Oil Bath and Beauty Products from NV Organics

NV Organics has become known for the complete line of all natural personal care products that combine the finest ingredients including natural botanical oils from the most reliable sources and natural grape seed oil extract. Our natural Body Care, Skin Care, and Hair Care products are hand crafted using the finest grape seed oil extracts available to help rejuvenate and refresh your skin, hair, and body while healing and nourishing.

Natural botanical essences and extracts combined with the healing powers of natural grape seed oil extract mean that our clients get the finest in all natural personal care products while enjoying stimulating fresh scents and healthful benefits of nature’s best.

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  1. Tim NeCastro | October 21, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    We recently stayed at the Napa River Inn and used nvorganics products for the first time. We loved the Cabernet body wash and the Chardonnay Shampoo and conditioner. We would like to purchase these products but aren’t sure which ones they are. The products at the Inn didn’t include “Grape Seed” on their labels. Can you help us identify which product we used at the Inn?

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