Jeanette O’Gallagher, Organic Skin Care Expert and owner of NV Organics Celebrates 18 Years in Business

Napa, CA-based organic skin care specialists, Jeanette O’Gallagher owner of NV Organics has recently celebrated 18 years of providing clients the highest quality organic skin care products. Ms. O’Gallagher, is the first person domestically to pioneer the use of milled grapeseeds in body and skin care products as well as drinking teas. In celebration of Ms. Gallagher’s 18 year anniversary, the company is now inviting consumers to review the many benefits of their grape seed extract products. The company’s grape seed extract beauty products contain ingredients designed to smooth fine lines, cleanse the skin and reduce uneven skin tones. It’s the ideal selection for a comprehensive skin care regimen.

Across the country, women and men are searching for skin care products designed to offer outstanding results. Because it can be quickly absorbed into the skin and works to moisturize deeply while leaving skin irresistibly smooth, grape seed oil has quickly become one of the most popular items on the skin care market. The team at Naturally Vibrant Organics is now offering clients some of the most highly effective grape seed products available in the organic skin care industry.

The Naturally Vibrant Organics team is led by skin care innovator Jeanette O’Gallagher, the first person to mill Napa Valley grape seed extracts for use in face and skin care products. Naturally Vibrant Organics’ grape seed products are now widely utilized at luxury spas across the country, where they are available for purchase. One of the leading advantages of the company’s line of grape seed skin care items is they are milled to protect the nourishing properties of grape seed oil. This process works to provide the purest and most healthy oil to ensure lasting potency for each product in the company’s selection.

The company is excited about this 18 year milestone and celebration that will introduce clients across the region to some of the finest grape seed oil skin care products. To learn more about NV Organics and their product line, please contact their office team or visit their business website at



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